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Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Title

Media: Plaster, Foam, Wood, Cement

Gallery: CSULB – Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Social Media: Instagram – nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is a undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach in the BFA Ceramics program. He plans on graduating at the end of this semester. Nick is originally from Huntington Beach and always grew up drawing and painting, he explained that a ceramics class he took in High School really drove him to create sculptures. He credits Pablo Picasso as his favorite artist.

Nick’s pieces are very structurally interesting. Various objects are stacked and towered on top of each other like a very artsy game of Jenga. Nick uses neon lights that really add color and interest to the pieces. They are all a fairly large scale, being significantly taller than me. The pieces are incredibly interesting to look at because with every moment of inspection comes the discovery of a new element to the sculpture.

Nick uses the unconventional to create his art. He uses items from his everyday to create his pieces and doesn’t want viewers to search for an obvious predisposed meaning to his work. Rather, he wants the audience to look at all the elements and find their own interpretations. He explained that he uses items other artists wouldn’t and wants his “psychedelic” sculptures to become an escape from real life.

I loved Nick’s sculptures. I immediately wanted to get close and look at the details and each individual item that made up these interesting pieces. I thought that the sculptures were very modern and cool, something you’d see in a well decorated mansion. I loved that there was no forced far fetched meaning or inspiration behind the pieces and had fun creating my own.



Artist: Brianna Joy (Bri Joy)

Exhibition: Merged  

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @bri.joy

Brianna Joy is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach, expected to graduate with her BFA this year. Joy transferred from Orange Coast College, wanting to pursue a degree in screen printing. She explains that she is originally from a small town and the transition to living in a big industrialized city, like Long Beach, had a major impact on her work.  Aside from art, Joy enjoys an array of sports and yoga. She doesn’t have a website because she feels she rather interact with her peers in a more organic fashion, and she holds a great deal of importance in how she markets herself

Brianna Joy works exclusively with the lithograph style of print making, she creates contrast in her works by using a strict black and white color scheme. Although the pieces are on flat, smooth paper, she creates texture through the use of a compressor. This texture, alongside the large scale of her work adds to the realness of the pieces. She describes the screen printing process as long as laborious as it involves the combining of many layers, but through this she is able to create amazing natural lines that depict the curves of the human female body.

Joy’s work revolves around the idea of “merging”. Through her art, Joy tells a story of her merging her past with her present. The past of living in a small town is combined with the present of being in a big city and is merged to create a beautiful combination that tells her life story. Not only does the word “merge” speak to the deeper meaning behind each work of art, it literally I how these pieces have been created. Layers and layers had to be combined and merged together in order to achieve one print, much like life experiences and situations have to be merged together in order to create one lifetime.

I immediately was in awe of Joy’s prints. The stark contrast of color alongside the large scale of the work is astounding. Most under appreciate the work that has to go into screen printing, but in Joy’s pieces the intricate work was evident. I thought it was beautiful how harsh lines and colors could be manipulated into soft feminine lines, creating a female body.


Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: Fuse
Media: Metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: no website
Krystal Ramirez is currently an undergraduate student at California State Long Beach University. She was  a transfer and has been here for two years working on art. She majors in the 3D media program, working with metals. Ramirez is from Huntington and enjoys thrifting, antiquing, doing DIY projects and painting. She used to be in love with 2D art, but has recently shifted her focus on creating work that’s done in 3D. Ramirez decided to focus on using metals because in high school she took a jewelry class and instantly fell in love with it.

Most of Krystal’s work included pieces with smooth fluid curves. Everything was done entirely in metal, but instead of being very sharp and cold, the metal always manipulated in a way to make it very soft and fluid.

Krystal spoke about a necklace she made. This necklace was definitely a statement piece with branches of metal coming out like waving, dancing, arms. She said she was inspired by a brazillian song and began drawing dancing women and eventually, the women’s bodies became the inspiration for her necklace.

Overall, Krystal created beautiful pieces. Most people don’t immediately think of jewelry and metal when they think of fine art, however I believe this week really opened my eyes to the craftsmanship that goes into every piece of metal and jewelry I see around me everyday.