This week I met Enrique. He is a first year student at California State University Long Beach. Enrique is from Bellflower, California and commutes to school. He is currently undeclared and his real passion is soccer, he plays for the schools club team and won CIF in high school. His favorite color is black and he likes action filled movies. Overall he was a really cool guy and easy to talk to. Earlier in the semester he mentioned to my friend that every class time he looks forward to see Glenn’s ever evolving hair colors and maintains that he loves it. Unfortunately I shattered my phone on wednesday night and we couldn’t take a photo, but here’s a link to his blog!





Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: BFA Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: NA

Instagram: NA

This week we met artist, Nancy Young. Nancy is pursuing a BFA in the printmaking program from California State University Long Beach. Nancy started attending California State University Long Beach in 1984 and left after being placed on academic probation following issues with substance abuse as a result of her bipolar disorder. Nancy enjoys taking printmaking classes and has taken all of them at Long Beach State. Nancy also works as a database programmer and uses art as a creative outlet. Nancy loves music and enjoys spending time with his dog. Nancy uses her art to shed light upon negative factors in her life.

Nancy Young creates all of her pieces through printmaking. Nancy uses a technique known as relief which removes areas of the block. Sharp tools are also utilized in order to carve the art into a desired shape. Photopalmer, an tool like Photoshop, is also used on her pieces. All images depict birds, in locations that she has personally visited. There is little to no color used.

The inspiration behind Nancy Young’s work is deeply personal. She creates pieces at locations she has personally visited and that she holds significance in. The reoccurring theme in all of her work is crows, these birds represent aspects in her life that need to be freed, “like a bird leaving the nest”. The birds are moving from location to location in search of a better life.

I personally loved this weeks exhibit. The amount of personal influence in Nancy Young’s work really made the images that much more moving. It was amazing to see someone¬†overcome so much personal adversity and be able to channel it in a positive and creative way. I look forward to seeing more breathtaking prints by Nancy Young.