This week we sent out care packages to our fellow classmates. I thought for a while about what to send, at first overthinking everything and being stubborn, not wanting to part with certain items, but I finally narrowed my ACP down to a few cool items. My care package contained, a bag of my favorite tea, a parking permit from my favorite concert, a movie ticket, a card from an art exhibit, a earring missing its pair, a granola bar, some loose change, and a bottle cap. image

Sending someone an ACP is like sending someone a snapchat because you get to share with someone a moment in time. You can send a message or a photo that means something to you and will make the recipient feel a certain way much like a snapchat. However, sending an ACP is unlike sending a snapchat because it is tangible and permanent. ACPs leave behind something that can be felt and expirenced for years whereas a snap chat appears on a virtual screen for seconds and then disappears forever.

I truely believe that ephemera is precious. Things that are seemingly valueless gain great value over time. These objects that may seem like junk to an outsider represent and remind us of an important time in our life or an amazing memory we never want to forget. By holding on to ephemera we have a soveneer for time and get to hold on to memories that otherwise would be forgotten.

I believe that there is a significant difference between art that is seen by many and art that is seen by few. Art that is hung in a museum, on display, must cater to a wide and diverse audience, while art that is created for limited eyes can be more intimate and incredibly personal.

We live in a fast paced world, people have places to go and people to see. Snapchat gives us the opportunity to share what happened in that exact moment AT that exact moment, giving the reciever an up to date look into our life. However taking the time to prepare an ACP can also be beneficial because someone takes the time to curate the best things to share.

Knowing someone took time to prepare an ACP, picking out each item it contains, packing it up, shipping it away, makes the recipient feel as though the person who sent it really does care and wants them to really see the significance placed in each selected object. Sometimes we send snapchats we don’t really care about and open snapchats that seem insignificant and don’t bother to reply, because we know the sender doesn’t care and it wasn’t created with love.


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