Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: SUCCESSION
Media: Digital print, Print making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Artist does not have a website
Instagram: Artist does not have an Instagram

This week we met Jennifer Chen. Chen is in her last year at California State University. Previously a biology major, Chen now plans on teaching Art 270 at CSULB a way to help students develop their passion while making a living.

Jennifer’s work begins with an image she takes herself or one she searches for through Google maps. She then extensively photoshops the image until she is pleased with it, after this she prints it out as a silk screen, creating a stencil. Once she has this stencil, she then uses it to paint the image. Her work features a varied color palate, with some pieces being black and white and some being rather vibrant. Chen’s work has a rather geometric precise vibe yet, upon further inspection you notice jagged, more raw looking lines- a byproduct of the photoshopping.

Chen’s work showcases gradual changes in nature. Changes caused by fire, floods, landslides etc. She spoke of an example of a landscape that was once full of weeds changing into one full of shrubbery or trees. These gradual changes often go unnoticed by many, but Chen’s work magnifies what we ignore.

Overall I genuinely gained a deep appreciation for Jennifer Chen and the art she has created. The laborious process she goes through to produce her art is commendable and produces art that is extremely unique and original. Chen truly opened my eyes to the changing landscapes around me and made me realize that nature is always changing, even if we don’t always stop and take time to notice.






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