Upon hearing Marta Troya speak, I was initially a little confused. I didn’t realize how simply being aware of the space I was in and doing a certain action there was going to make me feel anything or create any sense of influence, but once we began the activity I soon realized its significance.

The irony of actually feeling awkward reading books in a library was hilarious to me. People were looking at us like we were breaking the law, with confusion and bewilderment. I feel like once everyone in the library realized what our class was doing, it made them realize that they were the ones that were in the library drinking coffee, eating, and surfing the internet- things that a library wasn’t intended for. It was amazing to realize that you can become an outsider by doing something in a place that is dedicated to that activity. It made me think of someone becoming an outsider for being a nerd, too studious, at a school.

Much like recording a video of a concert instead of just listening to the music or taking a photo with friends for instagram instead of just enjoying their company, not taking pictures in the library was beneficial for me, I was able to become much more emerged in the activity, not worried about having to take photos to keep the moment forever.

Inside the bookstore, I didn’t notice as much of an influence. Everyone seemed so emerged in what they were they doing and our class was divided so I felt as though no one really noticed us. However I did realize how the space designed to be a BOOKstore was completely different, selling magnets and shot glasses and hiding the actual books. It was fascinating to realize how spaces change and evolve over time as societies needs change.


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