neytiri_in_avatar_2-wide-do-we-really-need-avatar-2-avatar-2-plot-speculation-pandora-zoe-saldana-more-jpeg-121352Hey Everyone!! My name’s Ca$h Castro, I lived 17 years of my life on Earth, living a normal human life, then on my 18th birthday my mom gave me a letter my father left for me when I was born explaining that he was actually an alien making me a half-ien! (maybe that’s why my skin’s blue?) I felt as though my whole life had been a lie and after following the instructions he left me I decided to venture off into space to find him and figure out who I really am. This is how I ended up on Moonbase Alpha…

Moonbase is pretty cool, I miss home, my mom, and being a human, but it’s literally a whole new world here. I work at GalaxyBucks, which is like starbucks for aliens, and make blended stardust drinks all day to energize the inhabitants of moonbase. Luckily, I’ve met an array of umm… interesting, characters while being here and I can’t wait to introduce them to you!

Okat first we have,Xante, she’s definitely one of the coolest people Ive met here! She’s a human so she understand things I miss from home and she has the most amazing voice, she’s definitely going to be a star one day! She was a bit standoffish at first and I thought she hated me because there was a new human in town but now we couldn’t be closer.

Next is, Patricia Sun, she is literally delusional. I met her at work and immediately new something was off. She goes around telling everyone she’s a superhero, and that’s just weird. Someone needs to tell this chick marvel isn’t writing a screenplay about her life. She thinks she’s special because she can fly, but I guess she doesn’t notice that we all can… awkwarrrrrrrd

Okay, and the last person I’m going to introduce you to is, Avalon, she’s soon cool! She’s my coworker at GalaxyBucks and I tell her everything!! She’s one of the people that knows my story about my birthday and all the craziness. She’s the best listener and has such a good heart. So lucky to have a friend like here here.


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