This week I was a little confused on what automatic drawing was, how I was going to do it, and if mine was even going to look like anything cool. I decided to just go for it and enlisted the help of my friend Niall. When I explained the project to him, we laughed and he said I was doing voodoo or something, but once we sat down to do it we tried really hard to take it seriously. I wanted to do something in black in white, because I love black and white color schemes and after 10 minutes of randomly moving our sharpie we stopped and were happily surprised with what we created. The random lines created something that looked like it could be an expensive abstract painting, we joked and called ourselves the next Basquiat. Overall, this was a fun experience and definitely something new to do. Its a great way to hang out with a friend and create a unique piece of art. FullSizeRender 7


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