Things never go as planned…

I was excited for an excuse to go to Venice beach, a place I enjoyed so much as a kid. My friend Jess and I planned to go with some friends on Sunday morning. Once we arrived to a super packed with happy Valentine’s Day couples, Venice Beach and searched for over 45¬†minutes for a parking we realized we forgot a very important thing- the cans of spray paint. We thought instead of losing our parking spot, we’d be able to ask someone there to quickly borrow some paint for our small names, however some not so friendly graffiti artists refused to share their paint with us because we we’re “just doing bubble letters”.

We decided to enjoy Venice while we were there and appreciate the art and culture. Two of my friends, one from New Jersey and one from England, had never been and were excited to explore.

After coming back to the dorms, we found some cardboard and got to spraying! It was a overall great experience, we even felt like rebels shaking our cans. I had used spray paint once before to create an ocean backdrop for a school project, but never wrote letters and it was harder than I had anticipated. The cardboard made it a bit tricky because we really had to wait for things to dry so the cardboard didn’t get soggy.

I chose to do my last name instead and I liked how the colors we chose turned out. We have a lot of left over paint so we’re planning another venice trip soon.


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