Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: V i d a / M o r t e

Media: Painting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: JoshyBehr

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate student in the painting and drawing program at California State University Long Beach. He is originally from downtown Los Angeles and in his solo show, V i d a / M o r t e, he aimed to explore the idea of life and death.

Josh Vasquez’ art juxtaposes life and death through his use of light and dark colors and hard and soft lines. Using sharpie markers, black paint, discarded flowers, and plastic trash bags, Vasquez proves amazing art can come from the simplest of supplies.

Josh Vasquez stayed very true to his overall theme of life and death. Flowers are something that most people associate with life and by presenting them in a nontraditional way, dead and disheveled, Vasquez blurs the lines between our thoughts of life and death. Also, Vasquez realized that everything he used to create his artwork has an individual end date, the ink “dying” before the plastic and the flowers “dying” before the paper. In V i d a / M o r t e, Josh Vazquez brought life to traditionally gothic and “dead” images.





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