We’ve all been guilty of posting one too many things on our snapchat story, and we’ve all been guilty of complaining about someone posting too much on their snapchat story. Love it or hate it, snapchat is addicting. In the society we live in today, everyone is constantly wanting to know what all of their friends are doing all day long. Many people validate their experiences by posting them, expecting people to be impressed by their geotag or by how much fun their having on their story.

I thought it was a great idea to experience drawing through snapchat. While visiting the CSULB Art Galleries I thought it’d be fun to add my own art to the amazing artwork. While my story rapidly became filled with the artwork I had friends snap me asking where I was or why I was posting so much art on my story. I thought this was kind of funny because no one asks, “hey why are there so many drunk party videos on your snapchat”, but posting artwork causes people to ask questions.

My friend Jess also had some really cool and clever snaps of the art work that I gladly screenshotted.


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