This week I met Enrique. He is a first year student at California State University Long Beach. Enrique is from Bellflower, California and commutes to school. He is currently undeclared and his real passion is soccer, he plays for the schools club team and won CIF in high school. His favorite color is black and he likes action filled movies. Overall he was a really cool guy and easy to talk to. Earlier in the semester he mentioned to my friend that every class time he looks forward to see Glenn’s ever evolving hair colors and maintains that he loves it. Unfortunately I shattered my phone on wednesday night and we couldn’t take a photo, but here’s a link to his blog!





Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: BFA Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: NA

Instagram: NA

This week we met artist, Nancy Young. Nancy is pursuing a BFA in the printmaking program from California State University Long Beach. Nancy started attending California State University Long Beach in 1984 and left after being placed on academic probation following issues with substance abuse as a result of her bipolar disorder. Nancy enjoys taking printmaking classes and has taken all of them at Long Beach State. Nancy also works as a database programmer and uses art as a creative outlet. Nancy loves music and enjoys spending time with his dog. Nancy uses her art to shed light upon negative factors in her life.

Nancy Young creates all of her pieces through printmaking. Nancy uses a technique known as relief which removes areas of the block. Sharp tools are also utilized in order to carve the art into a desired shape. Photopalmer, an tool like Photoshop, is also used on her pieces. All images depict birds, in locations that she has personally visited. There is little to no color used.

The inspiration behind Nancy Young’s work is deeply personal. She creates pieces at locations she has personally visited and that she holds significance in. The reoccurring theme in all of her work is crows, these birds represent aspects in her life that need to be freed, “like a bird leaving the nest”. The birds are moving from location to location in search of a better life.

I personally loved this weeks exhibit. The amount of personal influence in Nancy Young’s work really made the images that much more moving. It was amazing to see someone overcome so much personal adversity and be able to channel it in a positive and creative way. I look forward to seeing more breathtaking prints by Nancy Young.


This week we sent out care packages to our fellow classmates. I thought for a while about what to send, at first overthinking everything and being stubborn, not wanting to part with certain items, but I finally narrowed my ACP down to a few cool items. My care package contained, a bag of my favorite tea, a parking permit from my favorite concert, a movie ticket, a card from an art exhibit, a earring missing its pair, a granola bar, some loose change, and a bottle cap. image

Sending someone an ACP is like sending someone a snapchat because you get to share with someone a moment in time. You can send a message or a photo that means something to you and will make the recipient feel a certain way much like a snapchat. However, sending an ACP is unlike sending a snapchat because it is tangible and permanent. ACPs leave behind something that can be felt and expirenced for years whereas a snap chat appears on a virtual screen for seconds and then disappears forever.

I truely believe that ephemera is precious. Things that are seemingly valueless gain great value over time. These objects that may seem like junk to an outsider represent and remind us of an important time in our life or an amazing memory we never want to forget. By holding on to ephemera we have a soveneer for time and get to hold on to memories that otherwise would be forgotten.

I believe that there is a significant difference between art that is seen by many and art that is seen by few. Art that is hung in a museum, on display, must cater to a wide and diverse audience, while art that is created for limited eyes can be more intimate and incredibly personal.

We live in a fast paced world, people have places to go and people to see. Snapchat gives us the opportunity to share what happened in that exact moment AT that exact moment, giving the reciever an up to date look into our life. However taking the time to prepare an ACP can also be beneficial because someone takes the time to curate the best things to share.

Knowing someone took time to prepare an ACP, picking out each item it contains, packing it up, shipping it away, makes the recipient feel as though the person who sent it really does care and wants them to really see the significance placed in each selected object. Sometimes we send snapchats we don’t really care about and open snapchats that seem insignificant and don’t bother to reply, because we know the sender doesn’t care and it wasn’t created with love.


Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No Title

Media: Plaster, Foam, Wood, Cement

Gallery: CSULB – Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Social Media: Instagram – nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is a undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach in the BFA Ceramics program. He plans on graduating at the end of this semester. Nick is originally from Huntington Beach and always grew up drawing and painting, he explained that a ceramics class he took in High School really drove him to create sculptures. He credits Pablo Picasso as his favorite artist.

Nick’s pieces are very structurally interesting. Various objects are stacked and towered on top of each other like a very artsy game of Jenga. Nick uses neon lights that really add color and interest to the pieces. They are all a fairly large scale, being significantly taller than me. The pieces are incredibly interesting to look at because with every moment of inspection comes the discovery of a new element to the sculpture.

Nick uses the unconventional to create his art. He uses items from his everyday to create his pieces and doesn’t want viewers to search for an obvious predisposed meaning to his work. Rather, he wants the audience to look at all the elements and find their own interpretations. He explained that he uses items other artists wouldn’t and wants his “psychedelic” sculptures to become an escape from real life.

I loved Nick’s sculptures. I immediately wanted to get close and look at the details and each individual item that made up these interesting pieces. I thought that the sculptures were very modern and cool, something you’d see in a well decorated mansion. I loved that there was no forced far fetched meaning or inspiration behind the pieces and had fun creating my own.


This week I got the pleasure of meeting Meng! Meng Chu is a transfer student from San Francisco, California. Originally from Taiwan, once Meng graduated he moved to San Francisco and attended community college. He is majoring in computer science because of his love for video games and hopes to become a video game designer. When he’s not doing school work or playing video games, he enjoys playing basketball and fishing. He mentioned that his favorite color is black and his absolute favorite food is pasta. IMG_5503


Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: SUCCESSION
Media: Digital print, Print making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Artist does not have a website
Instagram: Artist does not have an Instagram

This week we met Jennifer Chen. Chen is in her last year at California State University. Previously a biology major, Chen now plans on teaching Art 270 at CSULB a way to help students develop their passion while making a living.

Jennifer’s work begins with an image she takes herself or one she searches for through Google maps. She then extensively photoshops the image until she is pleased with it, after this she prints it out as a silk screen, creating a stencil. Once she has this stencil, she then uses it to paint the image. Her work features a varied color palate, with some pieces being black and white and some being rather vibrant. Chen’s work has a rather geometric precise vibe yet, upon further inspection you notice jagged, more raw looking lines- a byproduct of the photoshopping.

Chen’s work showcases gradual changes in nature. Changes caused by fire, floods, landslides etc. She spoke of an example of a landscape that was once full of weeds changing into one full of shrubbery or trees. These gradual changes often go unnoticed by many, but Chen’s work magnifies what we ignore.

Overall I genuinely gained a deep appreciation for Jennifer Chen and the art she has created. The laborious process she goes through to produce her art is commendable and produces art that is extremely unique and original. Chen truly opened my eyes to the changing landscapes around me and made me realize that nature is always changing, even if we don’t always stop and take time to notice.






This week I met Christian! Christian is a 3rd year film major from Bellflower, California. He hopes to one day be a writer for tv, specifically for 30 minute comedy shows. His favorite foods are anything with pasta and his favorite movie is Tombstone- for sentimental reasons. When he’s not in class he’s doing homework, hiking around southern California, or watching Netflix. He is currently re-watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia. IMG_7778